millions to choose from.

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millions to choose from.
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The first time I ever remember hearing about wedding colors was when I was younger and I was watching one of my favorite movies, Steel Magnolias. This is when I understood the sheer importance of wedding colors.

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One of the first questions people seem to ask about your wedding is, “what are your colors?” Growing up looking at my mom’s and dad’s wedding photos, their wedding color was something I always remembered. (’80s mauve, if you were wondering.) It also sparked my own imagination: what would my colors be?

Green is my signature color (a la Julia Roberts). So naturally this was the obvious choice for our main wedding color. Apparently for every color of the rainbow, there are at least 500 different shades for each. There are way too many options—here are just a few:

There were many things that I had to factor in while trying to pick the right shade of green. How it would look in photos, how bridesmaids will like wearing it,加班熬夜, its universal appeal, how it matches the right season, and so on. I was instantly attracted to the softer shades, I loved the natural look of it.???

I also needed an accent color that would work well with a soft shade of green. I was eager to incorporate pink somewhere. I started my search for the perfect shade of blush pink. Again, millions to choose from.

So what are our official wedding colors? No,香港开奖现场直播, they are not just green and pink. Wedding colors must have pretty names, duh. Therefore our chosen colors are:

Sage Green and Blush Pink???

What is your signature color? ????Did you have a tough time narrowing down the right shade?

{Pantone Wedding Swatch Cards / The Dessy Group}

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